Eating Disorder Therapy

Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders

The patient’s current physical and psychological state is assessed and their need for hospitalisation and the involvement of a multidisciplinary professional team are evaluated.  There may be a need for:

  • Psychiatric assessment and medication (Psychiatrist)
  • Nutritional guidance (Dietician or nutritional counselling)
  • In-patient treatment (clinic)

 Psychotherapy explores themes around past and present relationships, relationship with food, body image and sense of self.  Patients learn to deal more effectively with feelings such as fear, shame, anger and self-hatred and develop stronger boundaries and self-care strategies.  The therapist and patient work together to understand the conscious and unconscious emotional needs and communications that are expressed in the relationship with food and body image.  This is also a helpful way to keep track of eating disorder symptoms and additional treatment needs.